My services support you in

establishing the missing link from the natural sciences to your legal work.

If you are engaged in IP law, competition law, some of the various types of product law, narcotics law, occupational health or labour and employment law, environmental law, genetic engineering law, agricultural law or many other legal areas, you frequently face legal challenges which, more or less, trace back to one or even more of the natural sciences.

Indeed, the challenges you face don’t only emerge from the enormous diversity and complexity of these sciences and your unfamiliarity with them as a lawyer. They also stem from the fact that these sciences are based on no less than their own specific conception of the world. This specific conception of the world, or this world view, is simply called the scientific world view. As much as we may be used to calling the scientific world view the obvious foundation of our everyday life, as lawyers, we are hardly trained to deal with this specific phenomenon.

Against this background, LAW FIRM MERENYI provides a variety of different services. These concern required legal support regarding both, out-of-court matters as well as court matters. In doing so, the focus clearly is on the law and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union. In individual cases I might, however, also support you with regard to non-European legal contexts.

At the same time, my services are directed at different types of both: public sector clients, who may have legislative, executive or judicial power, as well as private sector clients, who may be an industry representative, a consumer or an NGO. I also welcome requests from other law firms which, in a broader legal context, seek support in answering specific legal questions. Nevertheless, I pay due attention to keep my professional confidentiality and independence, and to prevent any type of conflict of interests.

If you are not sure about the origin of your legal question, but have a certain clue that it could result from this challenging combination, please do ask!

We will find out together in a first step analysis.